“Every now & then you come across an artist who, upon listening, you can only ask yourself “where has this been all my life?”. Julinko is one such artist. The music is dense, doomy and intense, the vocals powerful and soaring.”

Echoes and Dust


“The delicate balance between slow-burning heaviness and somber beauty the band strikes in their music is nothing short of impressive, and I’m convinced that their effect-laden take on doom metal won’t fail to capture the attention of many”

Everything is Noise 


"The trio has a strong identity, and at the same time an international sound which should conquer the minds, hearts, and ears of every fan of modern dark/post folk with harder elements."



"Cantautorato? Doom? Noise? La Chelsea Wolfe italiana? Nel dubbio terminologico del momento, per ora l'ascolto religioso in loop è obbligato."



"L'album della conferma, se non della consacrazione, per la band guidata da Giulia Parin Zecchin, l'opus alchemico della contemperanza armonica fra melodia e fragore elettrico."






Julinko is the art-music project of Giulia Parin Zecchin.

It takes a dual form:

TRIO explores  noisy, doomy psychedelic territories always keeping a strong ethereal  component, lingering onto ritualistic and ancestral images and poetics. (Giuia Parin Zecchin: vocals, guitar; Carlo Veneziano: drums, synth; Michele dall'Arche: bass)

SOLO carries out the most essential and naked-rawl component of the project, giving space to improvisation and to the ritualambient- slowcore aspects of Julinko'sounds and visions.



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