Hidden Omens






You, long hands!
You, long hairs!
take the apples
from the trees

You, old Eve!
You, old seed!
feed the belly
that keeps your fruit

You, long coils!
You, long noise!
fall down the trees
pierce the apples

You, old sin!
You, old snake!
go embrace
that gentle fruit

Neverending Eves
Neverending evil eves

worn-out we dream the sleep
worn-out we dream to sleep



Enters The Alchemist:
“ On stage a poison.
Sip its reveries
and be the audience
never again.”

Enters The Tiger:
“On stage a zoo.
Cross its cages
and be the audience
never again.”

Enters The Dwarf:
“On stage a circus.
Consume your gaze
and be the audience
never again.”
Enters The Jester:
“This stage a spiral.
Travel its circles
and be the audience
never again.”

Enters The Crow
dark flames are his plumes
sulphurous coal his beak
“Your stage, a skull.
Join my croaks
and be
the audience never again
never again
never again.”


the sky somewhere
hides nowhere

the breath of day
shines of grey

the wind around
my mouth waves

giants of dust
rise  from the ground

the grass beside(s)
fills my eyes

the voices by far
echo their dark smiles

the creatures
of earth
sparkle in dirt
with dirt

old new spirits
in passages
from wound to wound

from wounds
from wound
to wound
from wounds


sweet darkening
on the seventh day of our strains
and the eyes can close
and the arms can fall
and not a thought
to the light that was
to the light to come

it is night
and the birds keep singing

it is the story of your voice
that fills the air with shivers
yes, here's the fight of being
one more
once more

scent of darkening on our days
sweet darkening

and the birds still singing 


reach the eagle' sight
reach the eagle's wings
reach the wind

clouds are not so fast
cross and take their path
see and leave

seen our first blizzard
raw force tore us apart
lone and free

rare were the exiles
in lands unknown and wild
to our old knowledge

passed is now the time
when we let our beds
take us fallen


we'll be buried
under a desert of signs
no light
no atoms
to gaze

we'll be  floating 
on an ocean of smoke
no drops
no touch
to wet

what we lose
exists behind
what we lose
is behind

we'll be drifting
into black voids of time
(no fingers)
no shade
to hide

what we lose
is only ...
what we lose
exists only behind

what we lose now
is nothing but
our loss behind



fated end
may your cut threads
weave new steps

farewell, end
may these cut threads
weave new steps