Sweet Demon








fever comes
I won't fight
fever comes
tonight you'll wear an opalescent dress
to play a saturnine duet
oh blue abandon
oh slow surrender
oh blue surrender
oh slow abandon



you will be transformed
you will be transformed
you will be transformed



where's my home?
where's my home?
go back to the ruins
go where the flower grows
where's my home?
where's my home?
where my home?
go back to the ruins
go where the river flows



the days we spent
the hours passed us by
the smile you had
as you went gently lying
under a black veil and a bush of faded flowers
do I have to say farewell?
when you're still here
floating around me
moving around me
I saw you then
the mirror holds no secrets
I made your pledge
wild honey on my lips
sweet sweet twin you was once my shadow
pale pale shadow you was once my sweet twin
your long wake feeds my daydream
and suddenly no time for the outer world
just me you and the mirror
do I have to stand still?
when the walls are moving
when the glass is breaking
when the earth is shaking
take me out
I'll take you out
teach me how
I'll teach you how
take me out
I'll teach you how
I'll teach you how



your face stuck in my mind
are you real? as you stand still
two eyes watch me me from a distant realm
as they stand still
your mouth keeps hinting to a forgotten hymn
as it stands still
if there's still life in the visions you see
try to touch them
if there's still life in the water we drink
let yourself sink
if there's still life the world that we live
then just kiss me
dont't you see we're just the last fugitives
from the banks of the same vanishing crumbling dream
here we are raising up from mud
maddened little statues
broken and decayed
like great tragic idols


bright people
what if I walk
but see no one
along the road
all this flesh
that bite and laugh
smile hurry move
march on
these violent steps
try to survive
this blind ride
ehy you smile
and under your chair
the same white skull
once beginng with his hands
“love me love me”
until the end
of your force
spend it on me
with me
consume it
come go
soon we'll leave
walk with me
soon we'll leave
love me
soon we'll leave
ride blind
blind ride



we're lovers dead
we're lovers dead alive
our love still there
our love is dead alive
love saved those lovers
love spared those lovers
“love, we're safe and gone”
“love, we're safe and lost”
spared the love
spared that love
love eats love
lover eats lover
“alive long ago
we're stories untold
holy the silence
where we can be heard”



the shadow that we see
belongs to someone different from me and from you
a stranger since childhood
the dweller knows us all and he comes with a strange wind
even if the fear of darkness chaos and doubt
was taught us long ago
was forced upon us all
the brightest hope there is
for us is to get lost
like blind wanderers
the old lady spoke to me
of a downward road
of some daredevil stairs
that lead to an ancient oak
as soon as you'll arrive
you'll be transformed
into something
something oh so rare
oh this road
oh it's cold
yeah, it's hard
yeah, it's long
the dweller lives somewhere
the dweller lives out there
hear the strange wind
and let him embrace you
I met him here
now I'm always dancing
but I don't know
whether with him or alone
under a strange wind
oh my demon
oh my demon
oh my demon
oh my demon
my demon
my sweet
my demon
my sweet